Born in 1985, I grew up in small towns along the Connecticut River valley. Formed first as an artist and musician, I am now called by the Holy Spirit to the ministry of word and sacrament in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. I’ve been with St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Perkasie, PA as their associate pastor for two years. As a spiritual leader I hope to foster prayer and spiritual practices that deepen for folks the joy and transformation that God has revealed to all the cosmos in Jesus the Christ—the perfection and union of spirit and flesh, the gift of forgiveness, and our communion with God.

Post-pandemic Instagram stories, March 2020.

I believe it is the love of God that alone saves us—that liberates us and makes us fully human with Christ. With great power and beauty this faith and this humanity, itself a merciful gift to us from the Holy Spirit, will pull us to serve our neighbors—especially those marginalized because of race, class, gender expression, sexuality, disability, mental health, or substance use disorders. With a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the Rhode Island School of Design , theological degrees from Yale Divinity School and United Lutheran Seminary Philadelphia, and experiences as an organizer and advocate in public policy and community assistance, I seek to serve all people and creatively strive for justice following the example of Jesus. 

I live in Philadelphia with my spouse Madelyn, a hospice social worker for Penn Medicine, and our two cats Homer and Peter. We are joyfully expecting our first child in October 2020. I love (among other things) Simone Weil & Julian of Norwich, plain donuts & coffee, Thelonious Monk, weeds & waste places, cooking and walking.