Introduction to the sermons

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The proclamation, the hearing, and the receiving of God’s Word is a singular phenomenon—it happens once. Even if you give a sermon twice on the same day, each preaching is unique—all those uncountable sets of circumstance and chance, the Holy Spirit.

So you only get one chance, and that can be very frustrating, especially if you’ve been trained as an artist to be a bit of perfectionist.

As an act of humility and transparency, as I grow in this new craft, I want to make public all these sermons I have proclaimed. They are snapshots my development from artist to  spiritual leader and minister of word and sacrament. And portraits, too, of my relationship with God along this often difficult and confusing way.

At the top of each sermon text there is a note about where it was given, and there are also links to the selections from scripture, and sometimes other texts, I am working with.